July 7th @ 18h00 (CET): “A Multispecies Perspective on Covid-19” (Eben Kirksey)

Covid-19 has been analyzed by anthropologists worldwide who are tackling issues such as the impact of the pandemic on the healthcare system, on most vulnerable populations and on political and social life. While these are all very important aspects to consider, this webinar proposes to look at the pandemic and its effects not from a human-centred perspective but from the virus one, embracing a multispeces approach in dialogue with a critical reading of some of the scientific literature on SARS-CoV-2.

Our guide in this will be Eben Kirksey, associate professor at Deakin University, currently at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton and leading scholar in multispecies ethnography and the study of science and justice.

The webinar will be moderated by EVAA member Roberta Raffaetà.

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Info: https://www.ev-aa.org/activities/


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