Deadline 30 April 2020 – London, UK

Further particulars

The Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI) is seeking to appoint RAI Forensic Anthropology Administrator and Programme Officer. This position will be half-time. RAI Forensic Anthropology Administrator and Programme Officer is expected to be able to work at the RAI’s premises in 50 Fitzroy Street London, and work together to deliver the objectives entailed in the role, and to take an active role in the RAI’s core activities and programmes alongside other members of staff.

The RAI has in recent years run a highly successful programme of certification of Forensic Anthropologists. Divided into three categories, FA1, FA2, and FA3, it is designed to assist the recognition of the competence of forensic anthropologists from the time that they are starting out (FA3) to acknowledgement of being independent practitioners at the highest level (FA1). The Forensic Anthropology Administrator will take responsibility for overseeing the application process, obtaining references and reports where appropriate, ensuring that the exam process takes place smoothly and otherwise assisting the success of the certification programme nationally and internationally.

The Forensic Anthropology Administrator reports to the Director of the RAI, and is additionally assisted in their duties by working with the Forensic Anthropology Committee, and other voluntary committees drawn from the Fellows of the RAI, and the Forensic Anthropology community set up to help administer and advise the process. The Forensic Anthropology Administrator also acts as secretary to the Forensic Anthropology Committee of the RAI, takes minutes of its meetings, and otherwise acts to advise and encourage its activities.

As the RAI Programme Officer, the successful candidate will assist the Director and other members of staff making appropriate funding applications for development, research and public engagement activities seeking out and noting opportunities, helping to write proposals, and otherwise engage with the fund-raising activities of the RAI. It is estimated that the Forensic Anthropology component is approximately 40% (on average: one day a week), and the Programme Officer/fund raising component 60% of the role (on average; one and a half days a week).

In addition the RAI Forensic Anthropology Administrator and Programme Officer will support the general day-to-day activities of the institute as may be required. It is expected that the RAI Forensic Anthropology Administrator and Programme Officer will have an undergraduate and/or postgraduate degree in anthropology. Equally important is a demonstrable interest and familiarity with administration and project applications, since the role will involve the careful nurturing and guidance of an important part of the RAI’s work. Underpinning the role will be a requirement to engage closely with the future of the RAI as an active and flourishing institute operating nationally and internationally at the highest level.

The Forensic Anthropology Administrator and Programme Officer will need to be a communicator, competent at using social and other online media, as well as good at face-to-face contact. An active interest in anthropology will also be especially valuable. Working as part of a small and dedicated team, the successful candidate will be expected to carry out tasks in close collaboration with colleagues, as well as to work unsupervised, and to lend a hand in more general tasks as required. It is essential that they subscribe to, and are ready to work within the remit of the RAI so as to ensure the furtherance and success of the communication of anthropology for the public good.

Summary job description

The Forensic Anthropology Administrator and Programme Officer works at the RAI’s premises in London. They liaise with the Forensic Anthropology Committee and related groups on academic matters and report to the RAI Director. The main responsibilities of the role fall under the following headings.

  • Ongoing management and development of the RAI’s forensic anthropology certification programme.
  • Secretary to the Forensic Anthropology committee; liaising with the Committee Chair and members, convening meetings as required; preparing documents and writing minutes
  • External liaison; active development of, and participation in, the RAI’s national and international outreach in the area of forensic anthropology, and in other areas as opportunities arise.
  • Work with the Director and RAI staff on the development of RAI research grants, public outreach and other project applications with a view to helping to secure funding.
  • Active engagement with other RAI operations and staff, harnessing and sharing the potential of working together as a team.
  • Assist with other RAI events, including research seminars and workshops, and the RAI’s biennial anthropology conference as may be appropriate.
  • Interact with other RAI staff members and fellows as part of a small but busy team, and lend a hand in other tasks as required (e.g. receiving visitors to the RAI, covering telephone enquiries when the Office Manager is on leave, generally contributing to the day-to-day administration of the RAI).

Person specification

Person Specification Essential Desirable
Post Name: RAI Forensic Anthropology Administrator and Programme Officer
Knowledge & experience Undergraduate and/or postgraduate degree in anthropology *
Postgraduate degree in anthropology *
Active interest in engaging with academic life *
Experience in administration and/or research and fund-raising *
Good command or capability of attaining a good command of the marketing and digital dissemination of contemporary research/anthropological knowledge *
Communication Excellent command of English, written and oral *
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills *
Ability and willingness to develop the programmes of the RAI *
Ability and willingness to contribute to collegiality generally in the RAI *
Decision making Ability and willingness to take responsibility for leading activities related to the forensic anthropology programme of the of the RAI under the guidance of the RAI’s Forensic Anthropology Committee and Director *
Ability and willingness to take independent decisions *
General Ability and willingness to work from the RAI’s offices in London *
Permission to reside and work in the UK *


The salary will be £15,192 per annum for a two and a half day a week post (equivalent to full time salary of £30,384) plus 10% pension, permanent after probationary period, inclusive of London Allowance.

Application process

The closing date for applications is Thursday 30 April 2020. Applications, which should consist of letter and CV, including the names and contact details of two referees, should be sent to References will be taken up for short-listed candidates only. If for any reason, a reference should not be taken up by the RAI at that point, this should be clearly indicated.

It is likely that interviews will be held on Friday 22 May, with a view to an agreed start as soon after that date as is feasible. Shortlisted candidates will be informed by 12 May 2020. Informal enquiries may be addressed to


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