The Faculty of Cultural Studies (FB 9) at the University of Bremen invites applications for a

Tenured University Professorship

– Salary group W2 –

in the subject area

Maritime Anthropology and Water Cultures

Reference number: P891/19

The appointment is subject to the release of funds.

Applicants should have a doctorate in Social and Cultural Anthropology or Ethnology and have
experience in ethnographic field research in the area of Maritime Anthropology and/or the Anthropology
of Water Cultures. The professorship is responsible for researching and teaching the subject “Maritime
Ethnology (Maritime Anthropology)”. The position calls for comprehensive knowledge of the anthropology
of water cultures and the ethnography of the lifestyles and practices of maritime and coastal dwellers,
marine resource users maritime professions embedded in a well-founded methodological competence as
well as own extended empirical research, preferably in a non-European region.

The successful candidate should have at least one research focus in one of the following areas:
• Coastal and maritime issues of environmental anthropology, economic and legal anthropology, anthropology of science and technology
• Ecological economies of seas, coasts, port cities, rivers and deltas, lakes and landlocked seas
• Plural knowledge practices with regard to oceans, seas, and watercourses
• Water infrastructures
• Multispecies ethnography
• The sea and water as spaces of exchange and interdependence in local and transcultural
relations, ocean- and water-related aspects of globalization and transculturalization
• Water-related and/or maritime cultural heritage, tourism
• Mobility, migration, and people seeking refuge

The appointee will show a keen interest in interdisciplinary cooperation with the Bremen marine sciences
as well as with social and cultural marine research and the Bremen museums related to oceans and

Teaching takes place in German and English. The professorship to be filled is involved in the
interdisciplinary offerings of the BA program in Cultural Research and the MA Transcultural Studies. The
position entails teaching fundamental knowledge of culture theory and modules in social and cultural
anthropology (methods, focus and project modules). Participation is also encouraged in the German-
Turkish Double-Degree MA Transcultural Communication.

The appointee will be an established researcher in the above-mentioned areas at both the domestic as
well as international level. In addition to fulfilling the general requirements for the employment of civil
servants, she/he will exhibit a completed scientific degree graduation, a pronounced aptitude for scientific
work, proven by an outstanding doctorate in a relevant field and other outstanding post-doctoral
achievements. Further requirements include pedagogical aptitude, documented by teaching experience,
willingness to contribute to financing research through the acquisition of third-party funding, and
participation in measures of further training in university didactics. The appointment is based on § 18
Bremisches Hochschulgesetz [Section 18 Bremen Higher Education Act] and Bremisches
Beamtengesetz [Section 116 Bremen Civil Servants Act].
Experience with media-supported teaching, formats of research-based learning and consideration of the
gender perspective in research and teaching are desirable.

The University of Bremen is committed to increasing the number of women in academia. Among others, it
has received several awards in the frame of DFG programs on gender equality. Applications from
academics with a migration background as well as applications from abroad are expressly welcomed.
Priority will be given to applicants with severe disabilities who have essentially the same professional and
personal aptitude.

Please send your application with the usual documents (curriculum vitae, details of publications and
teaching experience, research profile, certificates) by 31.08.2019 to the address below or electronically to
the Dean of Faculty, Prof. Dr. Dorle Dracklé (
stating the above reference number.

You can find more detailed information on appointments procedures at the University of Bremen under:

Die Dekanin des Fachbereichs 9 – Kulturwissenschaften
Prof. Dr. Dorle Dracklé
Universität Bremen
Postfach 330 440
28334 Bremen


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