At the Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Politics and Society, a full-time post-doc position in Chinese Area Studies is open for appointment from November 1st, 2021, or soon thereafter. The position is for 30 months. The position is one of two positions available on the Moving Data, Moving People research project funded by the Danish Independent Research Fund (2020 – 2025). Postdoc one will be hired at the IT University of Copenhagen, Postdoc two by the Department of Politics and Society at Aalborg University. For details of the qualification requirements for the AAU position, please see below. For details on the ITU postdoc position, please see the project website. If you wish to be considered for both positions, you will need to apply separately for each position.


The Moving Data Moving People project
The project follows the narratives about and implementation of the Social Credit System in China during the project period. We are interested in the lived experiences accompanying the SCS, particularly for China’s mobile population. We will use a range of approaches including ethnographic fieldwork, digital ethnography as well as document analysis. The project is coordinated from ITU by Rachel Douglas-Jones and from Aalborg University by Jesper Willaing Zeuthen and Ane Bislev. For more information, please see the project website:

The postdocs will be key contributors to our program of research into the Social Credit System in China, carrying out independent research and working closely with the project team. This research is expected to advance anthropological studies of state digitalization projects worldwide, develop a culturally specific understanding of the notion of digitalized trust, and renew the literature on internal migration in China. The postdoctoral research projects will constitute a significant component of the overall project, and while the overall emphases of the research are determined by the project, the postdocs will have considerable freedom through the subprojects in shaping how the research objectives are realized. In addition to conducting fieldwork, the postdocs are expected to contribute to the shared project, publish independently, as well as together with other project team members, present research papers at international workshops and conferences, contribute to popular dissemination of the research results, and contribute to project organization and administration through workshop and conference coordination.

At AAU, the postdoc will join the interdisciplinary research cluster Global Politics and Diversity at the Department of Politics and Society. The post doc will be responsible for designing an ethnographic study focusing on how China’s mobile population (migrants, tourists, students etc.) are affected by and themselves affect the creation and implementation of the SCS. The successful candidate will have an interest in or experience with working with issues such as mobility and migration, digital governance or trust and diversity in a Chinese context.

Deadline: 1/8/2021.

For further information:


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