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Resilienza delle comunità, Giordania

Integrity cerca un research team lead con un’approfondita conoscenza delle diverse metodologie di ricerca per svolgere uno studio di quattro mesi sulla resilienza della comunità in Giordania. Scadenza candidature 19 febbraio.

Role Description:
The Team Lead will be responsible for overseeing the technical delivery and overall management of the research study. The role comprises the following three core functions:
1. Managing the team’s performance, and their timely delivery of research outputs;
2. Ensuring the high quality of all deliverables submitted to the client;
3. Developing and maintaining a relationship with the client, and responding to feedback and requests in a timely and professional manner.
1. Oversee the technical design, work planning, quality of data collection, and delivery of the study.
2. Manage the study team (Senior Analyst, Area Managers, Technical Advisor, and enumerators), ensuring the timely and punctual delivery of all research deliverables.
3. Oversee and participate in the drafting of all research deliverables, providing quality assurance prior to submission to the client.
4. Submit all contracted deliverables on time and to a high standard.
5. Respond to client requests for outputs that are in line with the project budget, team capacity and wider company ethical parameters.
6. Represent the Integrity team at all presentations, and ensure that such presentations maintain Integrity’s high standing.
7. Work closely with the team to respond to any risks/incidents related to team security, company reputation, or data integrity.

La vacancy completa qui: INTEGRITY Research Team Lead.


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